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Problem Statement
Inaccuracies in
Negative Effects
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Textbook Reform Initiative
Problem Statement

The Situation Today

Indian parents living in the U.S. are having an increasingly difficult time teaching India’s traditions and explaining Hinduism to their U.S. raised children.

The situation is further aggravated by the presence of incorrect information about Hinduism and Indian history and culture in Grade K to12 textbooks that are used in U.S. classrooms. Children feel embarrassed, angry or demoralized by what they are taught at school. They also become confused when the teachings they receive at home contradict with what they are taught at school.

Who should they believe?
What should they think?
How should they perceive their country of origin?

The Problem and its Origins
Problem Statement
Hinduism and Indian history is inaccurate or biased as presented in U.S. school and college textbooks.

Origins of this Problem
Literature was commissioned by the British during the colonial period (1757-1947), which introduced false theories and biased and derogatory views about Hinduism and Indian culture. During this period important historical dates and events of India’s past were altered. Today, inaccuracies in literature on India are widespread and are being used as authoritative references by textbook authors and encyclopedia editors.

As a result, misinformation in textbooks used in U.S. classrooms and available in libraries is widespread and so are the inaccuracies in the source materials that are being used by western media in reports about India.

Addressing This Problem
We have the responsibility to do something about this situation.

Now is the time for the Hindus living in America to unite and make a sustained effort to have our unparalleled culture, unbroken history and spiritual legacy correctly portrayed in the textbooks so that our children will feel proud, not ashamed to say, “I am a Hindu.”

All other minority groups have organized themselves and effectively lobbied school administrators and textbook publishers to be represented correctly in the textbooks. We can do the same.

Moreover, the younger generation deserves to be taught correctly about their homeland, so they can be proud of their Indian heritage and not embarrassingly wish they were just “normal” American kids.

The process begins with correcting the textbooks.

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