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Problem Statement
Inaccuracies in
Negative Effects
on Youth
Youth Stories

Textbook Reform Initiative
Negative Effects on Youth

Due to the inaccurate and biased information taught in the schools, Asian Indian students undergo a conflicting and demoralizing religious and cultural education in the American public school system. Other students receive false understanding and build a negative perception of Hinduism and Indian culture.

The misinformation being taught in the schools creates a negative perception of India,
her people and her culture. This image perpetuates incorrect written and pictorial reports in the media. These inaccurate and prejudicial accounts harm the self esteem of the Hindu population and promote the rejection of a valuable historical and religious legacy.

This misinformation negatively impacts Hindu youth who feel ridiculed and ostracized by their peers because of their religious affiliation, a freedom granted by the U.S. Constitution.

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