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What is Authentic Hinduism?

Hinduism is the direct descension of the Grace of God which is manifested in the form of its Divine scriptures. Hinduism reveals the total philosophy of each and every aspect of God and the creation of this universe, and, at the same time, it shows the path of God realization for all the souls of the world. The original Divine teachings of Bhartiya (Hindu) scriptures is authentic Hinduism.

This is the age of materialism called kaliyug. The effects of kaliyug are to despise the Divine truth and to elevate the anti-God elements in the name of God. In the last 200 years such despisations were much greater when the English regime, with the aid of the British diplomats and the Orientalists of the 18th, 19th and the early 20th centuries, tried to destroy the culture and the religion of India by deliberately producing inaccurate literatures comprising of fictitious theories and disparaging dogmas that resulted into an unauthentic and demeaning view of Hinduism. Such literatures continue to confuse and misguide the world about the authentic teachings of Hinduism. Its effects have gone so deep into the educational systems of India that it has prompted even Hindu scholars and writers to publish writings along the same lines over the last two centuries. As a result, most of the existing literatures on Hinduism, especially those appearing in the English language, do not represent the correct view of total authentic Hinduism.

The true form of Hinduism can only be established in the literary world when the researches and publications are oriented only according to the true theme and the guidelines of Bhartiya scriptures. In the Bhartiya scriptures, sincere intellectuals find all the answers of their intellectual quest; pious scientists find the consolence of their heart and a guideline for their further research; truthful scholars find the philosophy of their liking that opens the path to God; and the selfless devotees of God find such a sure and simple path of devotion and adoration to their beloved God that fills their heart and mind with the sweetness of the devotional love.
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