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Chandragupt Maurya
1541-1507 B.C.

Chandragupt Maurya 1541 - 1507 B.C.

Chandragupt Maurya was an important personality in the history of Bharatvarsh (India). He is falsely described as a contemporary of Alexander the Great and his reigning period is incorrectly defined circa 312 BC in much of the modern literature on Indian history. The Puranas give a detailed genealogical account of all the kings of the Magadh kingdom, starting from the Mahabharat war and up to the Andhra dynasty. The Bhagwatam says that the four dynasties, 21 kings of Brihadrath, 5 of Pradyot, 10 of Shishunag and Mahapadm Nand Family ruled Magadh for 1,598 years (1,000 + 138 + 360 +100). Chandragupt Maurya succeeded after Mahapadm Nand Family and established the Maurya dynasty. The Mahabharat war happened in 3139 BC. Subtracting 1598 years of total reign of four dynasties from 3139 BC establishes 1541 BC as the coronation year of Chandragupt Maurya.

Chandragupt Maurya was the first king of the Maurya dynasty. His motherís name was Mur, so he was called Maurya in Sanskrit which means the son of Mur, and thus, his dynasty was called Maurya dynasty. A pious, learned and determined brahman, Chanakya (Vishnugupt), also known as Kautilya, who didnít have a pleasant appearance but had an intelligent brain, managed to terminate the existing King Mahapadm Nand and his eight sons and made Chandragupt the King of Magadh who was also the legitimate heir of the throne.

Chandragupt Maurya ruled for 34 years (1541-1507 BC), his son Bindusar ruled for 28 years (1507-1479 BC) and his grandson Ashokvardhan ruled for 36 years (1479-1443 BC).

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