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"The True History and
the Religion of India"
"Amazing Facts
About Hinduism"
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"Amazing Facts About Hinduism"

  A compilation of excerpts from the "The True History and the Religion of India, a Concise Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism.
  Includes the history and the religion of Bharatvarsh (India) which are not like the history and the religion of the western world that contain accounts and ideologies of the material beings. Indian history is the description of the Divine personalities, Divine acts of the Sages and Saints, Divine descensions, and the knowledge of the Divine approach to God that enables a soul to receive God realization.
  Offers information that will make you understand what is so amazing and great about India, Hinduism and the Indian civilization.
"Amazing facts about Hinduism"
Softbound, 214 pages
Published 2003
Glossary, Illustrations
ISBN: 0967382378
  Especially for readers who want a quick reference and overview of Indian history, religion and civilization. It is particularly suitable for teenagers, college-age youth and for busy people who have little time for reading but still desire to get an overview of information.
  Easy-to-read and understand format.
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