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"The True History and
the Religion of India"
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"The True History and the Religion of India"
 Highlights of the book

Divinity of Bhartiya history and the scriptures
Eternity of Bhartiya scriptures and the continuity of Bhartiya civilization for 1,972 million years (p. 51-94).

Development of world civilizations and languages
History, origin and development of the world’s major languages, writing systems and cultures (p. 95-222).

Perfection of Sanskrit language
Description of the six unmatched features of Sanskrit, the mother language of the world (p. 223-244).

Impact of the British rule on Bhartiya history
Documented evidences of how the British systematically tried to change Indian history and demean Indian culture, and its impact on scholars around the world (p. 245-404).

Theories of creation and Bhartiya scriptures
Scientific theories, their shortcomings and the scriptural description of the creation (p. 411-452).

Bhartiya chronology
Actual timeline from the creation of this planetary system until today as revealed in the scriptures (p. 457-510).

Creation and history as in the Bhagwatam
Twelve phase creation (universe and the brahmand). Concise history of Bharatvarsh of trillions of years (p. 513-524).

Divinity of the events of the Puranas
Explanation of the stories of the Puranas and the Upnishads which form our Divine history (p. 525-534).

Essence of Bhartiya scriptures
The theme of all of the prime scriptures (p. 535-648).

Sanatan Dharm
A concise description of the universal religion which is for the whole world (p. 649-684).

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