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"The True History and
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"The True History and the Religion of India"
 How and why this book was written

It so happened that once a visiting professor gave some material on Hinduism to His Divinity Swami Prakashanand Saraswati when he was in Barsana Dham, USA. He casually glanced through it and was surprised to see that every aspect of Hinduism was being reproached. He called one of his devotees (a professor in New Delhi) who sent a number of books which are prescribed for post graduate study in Hinduism. They were all published by renowned publishers and written by the renowned scholars and professors of the universities of India.

Shree Swamiji says, “I read those books and I was in tears. I couldn’t believe my eyes that Bhartiya culture was being so badly derogated and misrepresented by the Indian scholars.” He was shocked to find what was still being taught in the schools and colleges of India even after more than 56 years of Independence. He further explored and discovered that the libraries of India and the whole world are flooded with such derogatory writings of western and Indian scholars. Originally these derogatory books were the outcome of English diplomacy that tried to degrade Hindu culture by all means according to their well planned scheme. In this way an enormous amount of such books were written during those days. Later on, the same trend was adopted by the Hindu writers. (It is all described in this book.)

Shree Swamiji’s whole life is dedicated to spread the universal teachings of raganuga bhakti. He thought to do something to save India’s Vedic heritage and re-establish its Divine glory. It was a monumental task to research on such a wide subject, but, it was truly a miracle that with the Grace of his beloved Master this encyclopedic work was completed in a year’s time.

"The True History and the Religion of India"
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