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The Descension of Bhagwan Ram

Bharatvarsh was glorified with the descension of Bhagwan Ram which happened in the tretayug about 18.144 million years ago. The Bhagwatam (9/11/18) tells that Bhagwan Ram lived for eleven thousand years. But, in fact, He is always with His humble devotees
as He is eternally omnipresent. In His eternal Divine abode, Saket, along with His consort Goddess Sita, and His brothers Lakchman, Bharat and Shatrughn He always rejoices His Devotees.

To reveal the same Bliss of Saket abode for the souls of the world, Bhagwan Ram descended and appeared in the palace of King Dashrath in front of His mother Kaushalya. When He appeared He was
Bhagwan Ram
in His full youthful form and in His absolute Divine glory
Then, on the request of His mother, He became like a day-old child and, in His leelafulness, He began to cry like a normal baby.

Tulsidas describes the childhood leelas of Ram in detail. Then he tells about the wedding of Ram and His other three brothers. But, all through the Ramayan, the image of Bhagwan Ram, whatever he portrays, is exceedingly marvelous and befitting to His Divine dignity.

King Janak, who was always absorbed in the Bliss of the nirakar brahm, when the first time he saw Ram, became overwhelmed with the Blissfulness of His Divine beauty. He said,
My mind has ceased relishing on the formal Bliss of formless brahm and my heart is thrilled seeing the all-exceeding loving beauty of Ram’s Divine personality.”

When Bhagwan Ram went around to see the town of King Janak, the people overjoyedly rushed to have the vision of Ram. One maiden says,
My dear friend! I am dying to see that Ram weds Sita, so that, at least with this relationship, He would again come to this town and I would be able to see the love of my heart once more.”

Several descended Saints have written the leelas of Bhagwan Ram, and the descriptions of all of them are mostly on the same lines. The dedication of Lakchman, the devotion of Bharat, the adoration of Hanuman and the affection of all the people of Ayodhya for Bhagwan Ram are such facts that naturally represent His loving kindness and His causeless Graciousness upon all the souls. Sage Valmiki, in the last section of his Ramayan, tells that when Bhagwan Ram was leaving Ayodhya and was going to ascend to His Divine abode, all the people of Ayodhya including the birds and the animals also followed Him and ascended to His Divine abode along with Him. This Divine historical event proves that during the descension period of Ram all the people of Ayodhya were the descended Divine personalities who had come from Saket abode to associate with and to become a part of the leelas of Bhagwan Ram.

Tulsidas says in the Ramayan that once Bhagwan Ram called for the people of Ayodhya and gave a discourse telling about the greatness of bhakti and the remembrance of the Divine name which easily eliminates the bondage of maya, reveals the Divine Grace, and makes the soul Blissful forever.

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